All You Need To Know About The Prostate.

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The prostate gland, a walnut sized gland surrounds a portion of the urethra and produces some of the fluids in semen. This is the largest accessory gland of the male reproduction.

Functions of the Prostate.

  1. Prostate releases prostatic fluid with the following functions;
  2. Prostate specific antigen enzyme which makes the semen thinner.
  3. Forms 20% volume of semen.
  4. Spermine insures sperm cell motility.
  5. Important for proper functioning of sperm cells therefore male fertility.
  6. Conversion of testosterone is to a biologically active form, dihydrotesterone(DHT).
  7. Closing of the urethra up to the bladder during ejaculation.
  8. The muscles of the prostate ensure forceful expulsion of the semen into the urethra and outwards during ejaculation.

Common diseases of d prostate that we have to include:

– BPH (Benign Prostatic Hperplasia): This is the enlargement prostate which affects growth virtually in all men over 50. Symptoms of difficult urination tend to increase with age. Medicines or surgery can treat BPH.

– Cancer of the Prostate:  It’s the most common form of cancer in men (besides skin cancer), but only one in 41 men die from prostate cancer. Surgery, radiation, hormone therapy, and chemotherapy can be used to treat prostate cancer.

– Prostatitis: This is the inflammation of the prostate, sometimes caused by infection.

Few Signs that suggest you might have prostrate related disorders:

  • Do you frequently get up at night to urinate (Like 3 or more times)?
  • Do you frequently urinate during the day (7 or more times)?
  • When urinating, does it take time for the urine to come out?
  • Does the urine flow slowly?
  •  When urinating, do you strain or use strength to force it to come out?
  •  After finally urinating, does it feel like there is still something (urine) that is still remaining, that did not come out?

If you answered yes to at least 4 of this, you might have a disease of the prostate and would need to see a doctor as early as you can.

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