Does Canadian Tire accept Google Pay?

To ensure a convenient and effortless checkout process, Canadian Tire retail store accommodates various payment methods.

Customers can choose to pay using Cash, Triangle World Elite Mastercard, Triangle World Mastercard, Triangle Mastercard, Masterpass, Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, Mastercard Debit, American Express and Canadian Tire Money.

But what about contactless payments such as Google Pay? Does Canadian Tire accept Google Pay.

Let’s dive deeper into this topic and find out the answer.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is a digital payment wallet offered by Google LLC. that enables users to make contactless payments at point of sale (“POS”), In-App and Online purchases using a supported Android device.

Does Canadian Tire accept Google Pay?

Yes, Canadian Tire accepts Google Pay as a payment method, but with a slight twist.

To use Google Pay at Canadian Tire retail stores, you need to first link your Canadian Tire Bank issued Mastercard to your Google Pay app. 

This process is quick and straightforward, and you can find detailed instructions on the Canadian Tire Bank website or the Google Pay app itself.

It’s important to note that Canadian Tire, like many other retailers, may have a limit on contactless payments made through Google Pay or other mobile wallets.

This limit is typically around $50 or $100, and it’s intended to enhance security for larger transactions. If your purchase exceeds the contactless limit, you’ll need to use your physical Canadian Tire Bank Mastercard and enter your PIN to complete the payment.

Where else can you use Google Pay in Canada?

Google Pay is gaining traction in Canada, and you can use it at a growing number of retailers.

Here are some popular stores that accept Google Pay:

  • Major banks in Canada, including Royal Bank, CIBC, BMO, and Scotiabank
  • Grocery stores like Loblaws, Metro, and Sobeys
  • Drugstores like Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall
  • Coffee shops like Tim Hortons and Starbucks

What’s the difference between Google Pay and Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is specifically designed for Apple devices such as the iPhone 6 (or Plus), 6S (or Plus), 7, 8, or X, as well as the Apple Watch.

It’s important to note that Apple Pay won’t work on Android devices.

Both Apple Pay and Google Pay make use of NFC technology for processing transactions, enabling users to hover or tap their phones above the NFC-enabled payments reader while keeping their finger on the home button.

Is Google Pay safe?

Mobile wallets are known to be significantly safer than various other forms of card payments, and they’re also much more convenient.

Every time you buy something, a notification appears on your phone showing the details of the transaction, such as the merchant’s name and contact information.

This feature helps you quickly recognize any unauthorized charges. Moreover, if your phone gets stolen or misplaced, you can easily secure it using Android Device Manager.

This tool not only lets you change your password but also enables you to erase any personal data stored on your device.


In conclusion, Canadian Tire accepts Google Pay as a payment method, but only with a Canadian Tire Bank issued Mastercard linked to your Google Pay wallet.

Be mindful of the potential contactless payment limit, and remember that Google Pay isn’t yet accepted by all retailers in Canada.

So, next time you’re shopping at Canadian Tire, be prepared with your linked Mastercard or alternative payment method if needed.

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