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Does Canadian Tire refill & exchange propane tanks in 2024?- The Canada Insider

Does Canadian Tire refill & exchange propane tanks?

Canadian Tire stores across the country offer more than just affordable products; they also provide essential services to ensure that the items you purchase remain in excellent condition.

With that in mind, you might be wondering if Canadian Tire refills or exchanges propane tanks at their many stores.

This article will answer your questions about propane tank refill and exchanges at Canadian Tire and provide helpful information for a smooth experience.

Does Canadian Tire refill propane tanks?

Yes, Canadian Tire does refill 5-lb, 11-lb, 20-lb, 30-lb and 100-lb propane tanks at it’s many stores.

They partner with Tank Traders stationed at participating locations to handle the refilling process.

Additionally, Canadian Tire gas stations also provide propane refills.

When dropping off a propane tank, push the button at the refill station, and a Canadian Tire attendant will give you a receipt, which can be paid for in-store while shopping.

A Facebook post from Canadian Tire in Grand Falls-Windsor, NL from 2019 reveals that they provide propane tank refills and have pre-filled tanks ready for purchase.

Check out the post in the picture below.

How long does propane refill take at Canadian Tire?

Based on experiences and online reviews, getting your propane tank refilled at Canadian Tire typically takes between 5 and 20 minutes.

However, wait times can fluctuate depending on the store’s current workload, with weekends generally experiencing higher traffic.

Does Canadian Tire sell propane tanks?

Yes, Canadian Tire does sell a wide range of propane tanks, including various sizes such as 5lb, 11lb, 20lb, 30lb, and 100lb tanks.

All Canadian Tire propane tanks come prefilled and ready to use for a wide range of uses.

Canadian Tire’s propane tank exchange program

Canadian Tire’s propane tank exchange program is a simple and convenient way to obtain a filled propane tank.

Instead of refilling your existing tank, you bring it in and exchange it for a pre-filled tank of the same size and brand.

This eliminates the need for specialized equipment and ensures you receive a properly filled and certified tank.

What types of propane tanks does Canadian Tire exchange program accept?

Canadian Tire accepts most common propane tank sizes used for BBQs and other outdoor appliances.

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These typically include:

  • 5lb. disposable tanks
  • 11lb. disposable tanks
  • 20lb. tanks
  • 30lb. tanks

It’s important to note that Canadian Tire only accepts tanks that are:

  • In good condition with no dents, cracks, or leaks.
  • Up-to-date with the latest safety standards. This includes having a valid re-qualification date stamped on the tank.
  • The same brand as the pre-filled tank they offer.

For specific details and confirmation on accepted tank types and brands, it’s always best to check with your local Canadian Tire store before heading in.

How does the Canadian Tire propane tank exchange process work?

Exchanging your propane tank at Canadian Tire is a straightforward process:

  1. Bring your empty propane tank to the designated propane exchange area in the store.
  2. Pay the exchange fee at the cashier – The cost of the exchange will vary depending on the size of the tank. Canadian Tire typically charges a flat fee for the exchange, which includes the pre-filled tank.
  3. Show your receipt to the propane exchange attendant.
  4. Receive a pre-filled propane tank of the same size and brand.

The entire process usually takes just a few minutes, allowing you to get back to grilling quickly.

Costs and fees involved in the propane tank exchange

The cost of exchanging a propane tank at Canadian Tire varies depending on the size of the tank.

Generally, expect to pay a flat fee that covers the cost of the pre-filled tank and the exchange service.

It’s important to note that Canadian Tire does not charge separately for the propane itself. The exchange fee is an all-inclusive cost.

Here’s a general idea of the pricing structure:

  • Small tanks (e.g., 1lb): Around $10-$15
  • Medium tanks (e.g., 20lb): Around $20-$25
  • Large tanks (e.g., 30lb): Around $30-$35

Remember, these are just estimates, and actual prices may vary depending on your location and specific store policies.

It’s always best to check with your local Canadian Tire for the most up-to-date pricing information.

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