CASETiFY Price List And Everything You Need To Know About Them.

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They pressed the refresh button after nearly seven years of development.

What began as a simple concept—turning your Instagram photographs into unique phone cases—has evolved into the ultimate case maker for everyone, with self-expression at its center from the beginning.

People change, and we did as well. You can expect the same high-quality cases that are built to be dropped with our new appearance. We’ve got your back.

What is CASETiFY?

CASETiFY is the world’s fastest-growing tech accessory business, with one out of every seven millenials. CASETiFY has evolved into a publisher and platform for connecting people through creativity and self-expression. Pharrell, Sarah Jessica Parker, Saint Laurent, Thom Browne, and others have collaborated on important projects. CASETiFY has also formed partnerships with major retailers such as Nordstrom,,, Anthropologie, Amazon, AT&T, Lane Crawford, and others.

Inspiration On Their New Logo?

Refreshing a brand with such a diverse range of products necessitates a lot of heavy lifting from the logo. It must evoke the brand’s spirit while not detracting from the products itself. We established that CASETiFY’s brand is aggressive but not outrageous after several interactions and strategy discussions. It should be energizing but not giddy. So, in the end, we came up with something that is both clean and easy to read, with a wink thrown in for good measure.

The idea for the logo came from stamps, stickers, and tape, which are all items that people use to personalize their belongings.

CASETiFY’s sense of individualism and how CASETiFY allows people to express themselves inspired us to create a logo. The logo is angled to give it the appearance of a sticker, and the dot in the I is designed to resemble a human. We considered simpler and more obvious solutions, but ultimately decided that a brand with personality needed a logo with personality!

Challenge Working On The Rebranding Project?

The simplest design isn’t always the most difficult. However, the CASETiFY team didn’t have to say it because we all knew what we wanted in the end, no matter how difficult it would be. We spent a lot of time reducing designs to their most basic versions. Hundreds of design ideas were whittled down to just a few.

Another difficulty was to protect the brand from becoming too infantile while being spirited, engaging, and dynamic. We wanted to convey CASETiFY’s vitality while also indicating that it is aware of fashion, culture, and trends. That’s where the dexterity comes into play.

CASETiFY Protects

Their triple-layered, medical-grade masks filter >98% of bacteria and particles.

The hypoallergenic interior layer keeps germs out but optimizes the flow of oxygen for high breathability. A double-strength ergonomic nose bridge and ultra-soft earloop = max comfort for all-day wear. Plus, you won’t fog up your glasses in these.

CASETiFY Sustainability

CASETiFY, They are always looking for ways to make things better, stronger, and more eco-friendly. Re/CASETiFY for iPhone 13 ticks every box. This revolutionary innovation uses old phone cases, manufacturing scraps, and plant-derived bio-plastics to make a phone case material that’s just as durable as other plastics— but way better for the Earth.


At CASETiFY, They stand up for what they believe in by supporting causes that matter to them and the global community. Read More

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