Customer Reviews Of Air Canada

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Welcome to our blog, In todays topic, we will be talking about Customer Reviews Of Air Canada. Enjoy all the reviews people are giving Air Canada.

About Air Canada

By size and number of passengers transported, Air Canada is Canada’s national airline. In the Montreal, Quebec, neighborhood of Saint-Laurent, Air Canada keeps its main office. The 1937-founded airline serves 222 locations throughout the world with scheduled and charter air transport for passengers and freight. It is a Star Alliance founder member. Calgary International Airport (YYC), Montréal-Trudeau International Airport (YUL), Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ), and Vancouver International Airport serve as Air Canada’s principal hubs (YVR). Air Canada Express is the airline’s interregional service.

When Was Air Canada Founded

Trans-Canada Air Lines (TCA), which the Canadian federal government founded in 1936 and started operating its first transcontinental flight routes in 1938, is where Canada’s national airline got its start. TCA was rebranded Air Canada in 1965 after receiving government authorization. The airline was privatized in 1988 following the liberalization of the Canadian aviation industry in the 1980s. Air Canada purchased Canadian Airlines, its main rival, on January 4th, 2000. The airline declared bankruptcy in 2003, then emerged from bankruptcy protection the following year and underwent a reorganization under the parent firm ACE Aviation Holdings Inc. Air Canada flew 48 million passengers in 2017, the year the airline turned 80. The Canadian government bought 6.4% of Air Canada in October 2021 and hasn’t ruled out making additional investments.

Air Canada’s Fleet

On long-haul routes, Air Canada’s fleet includes wide-body Airbus A330, Boeing 777, and Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. On short-haul routes, Air Canada operates aircraft from the Airbus A320 family (including the A320 and A321 versions), the Boeing 737 MAX 8, and the Airbus A220-300. Air Canada Cargo, Air Canada Express, Air Canada Jetz (private jet charters), and Air Canada Rouge are among the operating divisions of the carrier (leisure airline). Over 90 destinations are offered by its subsidiary Air Canada Vacations. The airline runs an average of about 1,613 scheduled flights each day along with its regional partners.

Customer Reviews Of Air Canada

“I asked to be compensated “

P Garene (France) 14th September 2022

After waiting at the gate for one hour as the plane had arrived late and had to be inspected, we finally boarded at 10pm. Once inside the plane, we were informed we had to wait due to an electrical storm. An hour later around 11pm, the plane attempted to move but had a technical issue. The staff attempted to fix it for hours but were unable to. We were informed at 2am that our flight was cancelled and we had to exit the plane and retrieve our luggages. We were also informed that there was no hotel available. As we exited the plane, we waited an extra 30 minutes to be able to reach baggage claim and leave the airport. We received zero compensation: I had to pay for my taxi there and back the next day, accommodation and food. The plane was reschedule for the next day at 5pm (not ideal in my opinion, I asked to change but they refused). The plane was delayed because it arrived late from a prior trip: this is not an issue out of their control. The plane was delayed an extra hour due to a problem out of their control. The day-long delay was their fault: technical issue is their fault. Air Canada does not care about its customers (safety or otherwise – honestly 1 hour to check a plane in between two flights? No.). I asked to be reimbursed for the expenses, they refused. I asked to be compensated for the 1 day delay, they refused. I tried again using Air Cover, they refused. This is a joke of an airline.

“not choose Air Canada in the future”

N Keane (United States) 13th September 2022

I will never fly Air Canada again. My family and I had a 10 a.m. morning flight scheduled to depart Dublin with a 5.5 hour layover in Toronto in order to make it stress-free back to Florida. For unknown reasons (not weather-related) Air Canada delayed our Dublin flight so it did not leave Dublin until about 1530 (3:30 p.m.). They did not offer any sort of compensation for meals while we were stranded in the airport waiting for information about the flight, they kept pushing back the departure time in small 1-2 hour increments. When we finally arrived in Toronto, we had to run through the airport to another section, then had multiple stops for Immigration and Customs. Air Canada did not offer assistance getting through the airport nor offer any assurance that we would make our flight home. We had no time to get a bite to eat or rest because the 5.5 hour layover I planned did not happen. The only reason we made our flight from Toronto to Orlando, was because Customs searched the plane for 60 minutes looking for drugs, according to the Air Canada Rouge pilot, since the plane just came from Montego Bay. We were the last people to board the plane, breathless of course from running through the airport. I was stressed, my children were stressed and it was a horrible day. I requested compensation for the 5-hour delayed flight from Dublin to Toronto but because it was an “in-transit” flight, I am not eligible for compensation – no matter that I was inconvenienced tremendously. I will not choose Air Canada in the future.

“the experience was horrible”

Alicja Running (Australia) 13th September 2022

From the moment we entered the check in kiosk the experience was horrible. They do not help with the process, made too much of the hustle with the documents for custom which they shouldn’t because they are not custom! Required vaccination certificate even when the flight was to the country where the vaccination status is not required anymore. Boarding was rushed, the staff were screaming at people.

“worst flight and service”

Kuljit Gurwara (Canada) 13th September 2022

Toronto to Paris. I would say the worst flight and service in my entire life, rude flight attendants. You should have food supply according to the numbers of passengers – how do you run out of food? The food quality is disgusting – will never fly again on Air Canada.

“supposed to go on wheelchair”

L Dalton (Canada) 12th September 2022

Air Canada did not help my mom that supposed to go on wheelchair when she was getting out of the plane from her flight Calgary to Vancouver. Because of this she walked long distance and got lost in the airport because she was a first time flyer. She developed edema in her legs when she got home and her legs was painful. She said she showed her boarding pass to the crews and asked but they said wheelchair wasn’t noted on the boarding pass. I asked this matter to the ground crew when he hand me the boarding pass and he said its already in the system. But to the crew who don’t see it in the boarding pass even if costumer ask will don’t mind it. The law state that whoever identify themselves who needs wheelchair should be given. Air Canada was irresponsible and i was so disappointed.

“disappointed by Air Canada”

Carolyn Johnson (Australia) 10th September 2022

I was disappointed by Air Canada. They don’t provide headphones (although they will sell you a set). It was a 4.5 hour flight, but they don’t provide even the smallest snack. Worst of all, they charge $35 to check a bag in. So people don’t do that if they can take a large carry-on for the overhead locker plus a smaller one for under the seat. Consequently, on my flight they ran out of room in the overhead lockers, so had to start offering to check some bags in to the hold for free. What a ridiculous system. Most airlines encourage as much luggage as possible to be checked in which reduces the chaos in the narrow aisle when embarking and disembarking. They encourage cabin luggage but don’t have enough capacity to handle it when the customers do exactly what the airline encouraged them to do. And they give their passengers jet lag by having the blinds down on a daytime flight – flying eastward in daylight you have to stay awake. Chatting to one of the staff he said it made it easier for the staff if the passengers sleep.

“Appalling customer service”

Francis Galpin (United Kingdom) 8th September 2022

Toronto to Manchester. Appalling customer service, before flight and during. They clearly treat their customers with disdain if not contempt. During the flights Manchester to Toronto (and return), the cabin staff did the bare minimum. An elderly woman had to ask three times for a glass of water. The food offerings were just about edible. No water service at all, during a long haul flight. Absolutely the worst cabin service I’ve ever experienced, and that includes the dire Ryanair. The flights were delayed. Indeed, all the Air Canada flights from Toronto that day were delayed. I had booked my ticket on 18th October 2021 and checked in for the flight online as soon as I was able, but I was not allocated a seat but placed on standby. Yet Air Canada was still selling economy seats on the flight after I had checked in. At the airport we were informed that the flight had been overbooked. Absolutely appalling practice. Will never fly Air Canada again and would strongly recommend others to avoid like the plague.

“don’t really care about their customers”

Alex Kitay (United States) 5th September 2022

What a terrible start to the trip. We paid for premium seating and were given coach. Told there was nothing to do about it because the flight was full and we’d have to call for a refund. And we will. I’m just venting because there isn’t anything any airline will ever do about this type of bad customer service. Air Canada is just another addition to a long list of airlines who don’t really care about their customers. They just are collecting dollars hoping for the people who won’t chase down the refunds. And we didn’t even choose this airline. They partner with United and we got stuck. Thanks, United.

“A huge disappointment for me”

Vladimir Martinovic (Slovakia) 5th September 2022

Problems started in Calgary where the flight has been postponed (always by half hour cca) in total 3 hours delay in start. First we have been waiting for the pilot / after a technical issue occurred. Due to the delay in the start i missed my original connection in Frankfurt. Air Canada agent sent us directly to Lufthansa to arrange issuance of new boarding passes. Of course it has not been coordinated with Lufthansa so few passengers have “travelled” the airport here and there. Delay was clear Air Canada mistake and no effort from their team to manage the situation. A huge disappointment for me Air Canada used to mean something – reflect quality. Do not expect that anymore.

“Air Canada handled itself brilliantly”

T Bale (Canada) 4th September 2022

This was our first trip post Covid to Germany and as it was high season, we wanted to be comfortable so we booked J-Class for our trip to and from FRA via YYZ from YOW. Our check in at YOW was seamless as well as being very professional. The Maple Leaf Lounge was well staffed, spotlessly cleaned with very fresh tasty food and drink to enjoy. Boarding was very easy via Zone-1 and we were able to get our carry on into the overhead lockers (Full flight as well) on the new Airbus-220 in which we found clean and well appointed. Service as expected on a short inter city flight was well done by very polite professional crew. On an arrival in YYZ we transited to the Air Canada Signature Lounge where we enjoyed a small hot meal with appetizer with appropriate wine and champagne. Boarding in YYZ for FRA was seamless using Zone-1 and flight left late due to the number of passengers (full flight). On board service, food and drink selection was excellent due to the type of overseas flight. On arrival in FRA, we start at the B-Concourse with a 20-minute walk through immigration to the baggage hall where our baggage (4 pieces) was coming off the belt. On our return we changed a later flight to an earlier domestic connection easily thanks to the FRA staff. The MLL in FRA was excellent well appointed with food, drink with helpful staff. Even took advantage of having a shower before departure which was very nice. The FRA YYZ flight was exceptional service as well great food and drink. Even the Captain entered the first J Cabin to talk to passengers which was a nice touch. On arrival in YYZ no issues with customs or immigration with thanks to the Arrive Canada Ap and NEXUS. Our last flight was delayed due to a weather issue from the aircraft leaving DEN for YYZ. The CCSA kept everyone informed on delays as well as my email and Ap messaging service. On arrival in YOW our baggage arrived so no issues with this flight. In conclusion Air Canada handled itself brilliantly and the number of emails as well as text messages were very reassuring that they were doing their best to keep us informed at all times.

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