Does Canadian Tire cut keys in 2024 and what does it cost?

Losing a key can be a stressful experience, but finding a reliable key-cutting service shouldn’t add to the frustration.

For many Canadians, Canadian Tire serves as a one-stop destination for various household needs.

If you’ve ever wondered whether Canadian Tire can handle your key-cutting needs, you’re in the right place.

This article unlocks everything you need to know about getting your keys cut at Canadian Tire, including the process, costs, and what to expect.

Does Canadian Tire cut keys?

Yes, Canadian Tire does cut keys.

Most Canadian Tire locations provide Minute Key kiosks for key cutting.

These self-serving kiosks let you duplicate keys in minutes without the help of employees.

These key machines can cut keys for most home locks, padlocks, and even some vehicles.

Canadian Tire cut keys price

The average house key costs between $5 to $10 per key, while vehicle keys can cost upward of $25.

In 2022, a Reddit user revealed he was charge $9 to cut a key a Canadian Tire.

Does Canadian Tire have a key maker?

Yes, there is a key maker at Canadian Tire named MinuteKey kiosks.

These kiosks can duplicate most types of home, office, and padlock keys, including basic, high-security, and even certain car keys.

The process is quick and easy, taking just a couple of minutes.

How to cut keys at Canadian Tire

When you need to duplicate your key at Canadian Tire, there are a few steps you need to perform.

Follow these steps to successfully duplicate your key at Canadian Tire.

  • Find A Minute Key Kiosk at Canadian Tire – most Canadian Tire branches have a kiosk, not every location will have one.
  • Insert The Key
  • Choose A Style
  • Choose The Number Of Copies
  • Wait for some minutes
  • Check The Key

Does Canadian Tire copy vehicle keys

Yes, some Canadian Tire locations can copy many vehicle keys, including transponder keys.

The cost of copying your key at Canadian Tire depends heavily on your vehicle’s unique identity – make, model, and year.

Expect a range of $23 to $330, with transponder keys typically falling on the higher end due to their more complex programming.

Transponder keys can take up to 7 minutes to program.

Cutting car keys can be a little complicated, depending on the type of key you are trying to copy. Let’s take a moment to break it down.

There are two types of car keys: regular metal mechanical keys and transponder keys.

What other places make keys near me?

Canadian Tire isn’t the only store where you can get keys made.

If there isn’t a store near you or your local store doesn’t have a Minute Key self-service kiosk, you can try Costco, Walmart etc.

Some places have self-service kiosks and others have trained staff and in-house key services.

It’s good to know that there are quite a few places where you can have keys made.

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