Food Delivery Services In Toronto

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You can benefit from the best meal delivery services in Toronto in a variety of ways. These businesses make eating healthy a simple activity that’s also, thankfully, wonderfully delicious, whether it’s to assist you get through culinary dry times, support you in keeping your New Year’s resolutions, or simply revitalize jaded senses.

Each of these businesses offers a menu of foods based on various cuisines and various nutritional objectives in order to serve to our diversified metropolis. You yearn for restaurant-quality food that makes eating at home seem special. That’s also a possibility. These businesses provide a crucial service, especially as winter tiredness sets in, with delivery available several days a week and frequently provided gratis.

You’ll be grateful to your forward-thinking self for saving the day by providing you with meals from these top restaurants on nights when the dinner selections are limited. Give yourself some of the top Toronto meal delivery services’ offerings, and you’ll have something to look forward to as you cautiously enter 2023.

Food Delivery Services In Toronto

Below are food delivery services in Toronto:


There is never a dull moment at Yumba because new guest chefs are added to the lineup every month. Sign up for weekly delivery of four to twelve meals, and fill your refrigerator with quick-to-prepare fresh food.

Sixteen Ounce

With options for people who are pescatarian, following a ketogenic diet, gluten-free, and more, the team at Sixteen Ounce offers ready-to-eat meals tailored on your lifestyle and diet. Sixteen Ounce gives you the freedom and flavor you choose by allowing you to select six to 21 breakfast, lunch, or supper items to be delivered each week.

Power Kitchen

Power Kitchen, a highly regarded healthy meal delivery service, makes it simple for city dwellers to eat healthily. Power Kitchen will create a plan just for you that includes a variety of portion-controlled, low-calorie meals to match your needs, no matter what your goal may be, such as weight loss, eating keto, or anything else.


Porta is your new go-to for expertly cooked, frozen pastas, sauces, pizzas, and Italian delights. It is Ontario’s first Italian meal delivery service. Porta, which was developed by the Terroni empire’s creators, guarantees restaurant-caliber meals delivered to your door once a week, twice a week, or once a month.

No Small Feast Provisions

No Small Feast, a chef-owned company, provides a variety of elegant frozen foods meant to relieve you of the burden of making dinner. Choose your favorites from a menu that includes recipes like enchiladas, lamb tagine, and vegan chili, and you’ll get a weekly delivery that you can either eat right away or preserve for a time when you’re in a pinch.

Mr. Good Meats

Mr. Good Meats is likely to have the foods you want thanks to their free GTA delivery, surprising selection of prepared meals, “renowned” pot pies, family-sized platters, and more.

Honey Bee Meals

For those following vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free diets, Honey Bee offers a wide variety of alternatives. Select a pre-set plan of four, six, or 10 meals, or select individually, and get a weekly delivery that will help fend off the monsters of meal planning.


Go Foodie can deliver delectable frozen restaurant meals right to your door if you live in the GTA. When hunger hits, choose individual meals or boxes from eateries like Ramen Isshin, Pukka, and Basil Box that are stocked with a variety of hand-selected treats.

FitChef Toronto

FitChef, a firm committed to assisting individuals in bettering their health and wellbeing via delicious, nourishing meals, is your best ally when New Year’s resolutions take hold. Choose anywhere between six and twenty meals every week from a changing menu. Each delivery will relieve you of the monotony of cooking while guaranteeing you consume a rainbow of vibrant, tasty foods thanks to its selection of plant- and animal-based entrées, pastas, salads, stir-fries, and more.

Farm’r Prepared Meals

A variety of small-batch meals are available from Farm’r along with dishes from partners including Queen’s Pasta and Souper. You’ll find plenty to entice you on the large menu, including prepared meals like a Madras Curry Meal and Classic Mac N Cheese, along with pizzas, empanadas, and more. The majority of Ontario’s largest towns and cities are eligible for free delivery.

Elle Cuisine

For your busiest periods of the year, this well-known Toronto catering company offers a wide selection of frozen and ready-to-eat meals. Choose from beautiful heat-and-eat dishes that will make any night feel special or from frozen soups and entrées like shepherd’s pie, beef bourguignon, and chicken pot pie.

DelecTable by Zarla Jane

Every plant-based, seasonal dish from Delectable by Zarla Jane places the emphasis on health, healing, and optimal nutrition and is ready to eat. You can select from individual meals, weekly plans, breakfast options, or lighter fare. On Sunday, your order will be delivered, and you can get started.


With ChefDrop, you can enjoy real restaurant food in the convenience of your own home. ChefDrop delivers fresh, restaurant-quality meals that only need a little prep work right to your door. The meal kits are made by some of the city’s greatest chefs and restaurants, including Rob Gentile, Mamakas, The Carbon Bar, and many more.

Birdhouse Foods

Birdhouse Foods keeps things interesting with a weekly changing menu that features a colorful selection of salads, soups, bowls, pot pies, and other dishes. Every Monday, delivery is accessible in the west GTA neighborhoods.

Bio Raw

Bio Raw is a vegan restaurant with biodegradable packaging and a menu of high-protein, organic, and high-vegan foods that have been endorsed by nutritionists. Bio Raw makes it simple to eat sanely seven days a week with free home and office delivery in the GTA and a variety of meal plans to select from.–to

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