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How Much Do Assistant Managers Make at Canadian Tire?

How Much Do Assistant Managers Make at Canadian Tire?

How much do assistant managers make at Canadian Tire? Canadian Tire continues to expand as a company, providing the greatest customers in Victoria while fostering internal growth. Keep reading to know how much the assistant manager salary is at Canadian Tire and assistant manager wage breakdown. 

How Much Do Assistant Managers Make at Canadian Tire

Their employees have lots of chances to develop and advance; in fact, the majority of our management staff, including the store’s owner, began their careers in entry-level positions! 

They strive to offer fair and competitive compensation analysis to all members of our team, from our diligent weekend warriors to our hardworking full-timers, in order to help them finance their day-to-day and plan for their futures because we are locally owned and operated and aware of how expensive Victoria is to live in.

Assistant Manager compensation at Canadian Tire typically earns $75,336 annually. The annual salary range evaluation for associate managers at Canadian Tire is between $69,296 and $86,031.

How Much Do Managers at Canadian Tire Make?

Canadian Tire is a fantastic place to begin your career and, for some, continue over the long haul. In addition to your normal income for middle management range investigation, you will receive outstanding benefit evaluation and incentives if you reach the managerial level or higher. 

A hazy meritocratic culture has a greater turnover rate, especially for high-potential employees.  People who really want to advance quickly find their enthusiasm dampened by the rigid organizational structure. 

Additionally, the firm has a lot of compartmentalization, which by definition results in occasionally incompatible mandates and unnecessary work.

Canadian Tire’s business strategy is unique in the retail sector because it depends on a network of Dealers across Canada. 

It has a long history of splitting earnings and benefits between the Corporate and the Dealers, making this Canadian giant exceedingly risk-averse and change-resistant. 

This resistance to change is a common feature of the Canadian Tire company culture. Depending on their level of expertise, where they work, and the tasks they are assigned, Canadian Tire operations managers may make more or less money. 

However, an operations manager at Canadian Tire makes an average base salary prediction overview of about CAD 85,000 per year, according to Glassdoor. 

This can range from around 60,000 to 115,000 CAD per year, depending on the aforementioned factors. 

It’s crucial to keep in mind that since this data is based on self-reported compensation estimates from former and current employees, it may not apply to all operations managers at Canadian Tire.

How Much Does a Supervisor at Canadian Tire Make?

How Much Does a Supervisor at Canadian Tire Make?

An average Canadian Tire Supervisor makes $36,907 a year. The yearly salary assessment range for supervisors at Canadian Tire is $27,465 to $44,100. 

This estimate is based on 32 pay estimation queries for supervisors at Canadian Tire that were submitted by the company or arrived at through statistical calculations.

After deducting bonuses and other compensation, a supervisor at Canadian Tire can anticipate receiving an average total payment structure rate investigation of $37,227 every year.

The average hourly compensation scale for supervisors at Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd. is $16.79, which is 20% less than the national average.

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