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How Much Do Automotive Technicians Make at Canadian Tire?

How Much Do Automotive Technicians Make at Canadian Tire?

You may want to know about the compensation for technicians and you asked, how much do automotive technicians make at Canadian Tire? For CT Technician earnings inquiry and remuneration for automotive technicians. Check the next section to get more details.

How Much Do Automotive Technicians Make at Canadian Tire

The hourly wage for a Canadian Tire Automotive Service. A technician’s pay is considered to be $38. At Canadian Tire, automotive service technician pay is between $19 to $43 per hour. 

According to the salary report, Canadian Tire pays Automotive Service Technician workers, using statistical techniques.

An automotive service technician at Canadian Tire may expect to receive an average total pay of $38 per hour after discounts.

The highest-paid job title is considered to be Automotive Service Technician and Mechanic, with an hourly average salary of up to C$19.83 and the lowest-paid job is Cashier with an hourly average salary of C$14.19.

How Much Does a Canadian Tire Mechanic Make?

The pay for a Canadian Tire mechanic may not be the same based on their position, location, and level of expertise.

The average hourly pay for a Canadian Tire mechanic in Canada earns up to $20 per hour according to Payscale this equates to a $42,000 annual compensation on average.

Essentially, mechanics employed at Canadian Tire may also be qualified for benefits including health and dental insurance, retirement plans, and employee discounts.

Additionally, incentives and bonuses can be added based on performance. These are classified as extra bonuses that may raise their total package of benefits.

The company might also provide chances for professional growth and promotion, which over time could result in greater salaries and potential earnings.

Ultimately, the pay for a mechanic at Canadian Tire might change depending on a series of factors but the company aims to provide competitive compensation packages to attract and keep professionals.

How Much Does Canadian Tire Mechanics Charge Per Hour?

How Much Does Canadian Tire Mechanics Charge Per Hour?

The Canadian Tire mechanic rates charges are different based on the location, the type of service required, and the experience of the mechanic. 

According to the report, the average hourly rate for Canadian Tire mechanics ranges from $75 to $125 CAD.

Canadian Tire offers a wide range of automotive services, including oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections, battery replacements, and more. 

The cost of each service is different depending on the model of the vehicle and the type of service required.

Essentially, Canadian Tire occasionally offers discounts and promotions on certain services, so it’s always a good idea to check their website or visit a local store to inquire about any available deals.

Ultimately, the hourly rate charged by Canadian Tire mechanics is in line with industry standards, and customers generally report a high level of satisfaction with the quality of the services provided.

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