Kijiji Canada Contacts, What They Sell And Everything You Should Know

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About Kijiji Canada

Kijiji is Canada’s largest classifieds website, with millions of live advertising in a variety of categories including cars, houses, jobs, and everything else.

Every second, two new adverts are added! They are delighted to create a platform that links Canadians, allowing them to purchase wonderful products in their community, earn money from unneeded stuff cluttering up homes, and reduce trash in the country.

Kijiji was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing Canadians with a fun and easy method to buy, sell, trade, and even help each other with things, cars, services, homes, and jobs. That hasn’t changed, and over a hundred communities throughout the country are now doing more with less.

Kijiji Central is dedicated to assisting you in making the most of your Kijiji experience. For whatever your passion is, they have articles, advice, lessons, and more.

Do you require some motivation? With their Portraits, get to know a handful of the over 16 million Canadians that use Kijiji each month. These individuals have made new friends, saved and earned money, and contributed to the Second-Hand Economy in a variety of ways.

Kijiji is a local and environmentally responsible way to recycle items. Furthermore, because Kijiji connections are made between people who live nearby, you can always view, touch, and try an item before purchasing it.

Legal Conflict With Craigslist

Kijiji’s owner (eBay) was also a Craigslist minority shareholder. In April 2008, eBay filed a lawsuit against Craigslist, alleging that the company’s executives were attempting to undermine eBay’s investment, while Craigslist responded in May of the same year, alleging that Kijiji had stolen trade secrets and that eBay used deceptive marketing tactics to promote the service. In 2015, eBay agreed to sell back its 28.4 percent ownership stake in Craigslist to settle the dispute.

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