The Norwex Canada Catalogue 2023

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About Norwex Canada

Founded over 27 years ago in one of the most environmentally friendly countries on Earth, Norwex® has shared the “Norwegian Experience” with millions around the globe to deliver safer, healthier and more sustainable cleaning and personal care solutions.

At Norwex, we believe our responsibility goes far beyond creating safer, healthier products for you and your family. Guided by our Core Values of Integrity, Trust and Respect, we’re also devoted to creating a better future through caring for our communities and the good stewardship of our amazing planet.

Global Impact

Norwex began in Norway in 1994. As demand for our products has grown throughout the world, we’ve expanded into a total of 15 countries—spreading our Mission across four continents!



We build quality, performance and our commitment to radically reducing chemicals into everything we do. And we promise with every purchase to also include peace of mind, respect for your time and a positive impact on our planet. Because at Norwex®, we not only promise to make extraordinary products—we promise to make a difference.


More than a quarter-century ago, a little cloth quietly started a revolution. It left every surface sparkling—and removed up to 99% of bacteria—with just plain water. Today, families around the world trust Norwex Microfiber cloths, mops and towels to clean simply, effectively and always in good conscience.

What Makes Norwex Microfiber So Unique?

Norwex® Microfiber removes up to 99% of bacteria from a surface using only water, when following proper care and use instructions.

Their BacLock® micro silver antibacterial agent embedded in the cloth self-cleanses it within 24 hours—drastically reducing mold, fungi and bacterial odor so the cloth stays fresher longer.

BacLock is our exclusive antibacterial agent for self-cleansing purposes only. The agent is solely designed to inhibit bacterial odor, mold and mildew growth within the product.

Common microfiber is often made from fibers up to 1/6th the thickness of a human hair. But Norwex® Microfiber is split to 1/200th the thickness. Our super-fine, extra-dense fibers are much more absorbent and far superior at picking up bacteria, dust, dirt and grime.

Instead of relying on harmful chemicals that can affect your family’s health, Norwex® harnesses the physical power of our microfiber and water alone to easily and thoroughly clean any surface.

The prestigious, independent third-party OEKO-TEX® certification on many of our microfiber products means every part of the product—from yarn and dyes to trim and label—is certified free from harmful substances.

Norwex® Microfiber enables you to eliminate not only harmful, chemical-laden cleaners, but all those expensive, single-use disposables like paper towels, floor pads and wipes. That’s great for the Earth and can save you about $600 a year.


Growing up, many of us associated “clean” with strong household cleaners and fresh fragrances. What we didn’t know was this clean came with a cost: exposure to harmful chemicals that could affect our health and the health of our children, pets and the planet. Norwex has reinvented clean—with the power of plants and natural enzymes that are toxin- and worry-free.


Of the world’s more than 85,000 chemicals, most have never been tested for their impact on human health. From hands to hair, shower to sunscreen, our clean, natural approach to personal care means you’ll never trade safety for the performance and pampering you deserve.

New Products in the Norwex Catalog

Rubber Broom System

This multifunctional broom and squeegee head is perfect for tackling messes all over your home!

Its electrostatic action easily removes pet hair and fuzz from carpeted stairways, with no flyaways to chase down.

Flip it over and the durable rubber squeegee side is great for drying floors, windows and more.

Dynamic Cleaning Duo

All-Purpose Cream Cleaner Item is a handy formula gets surfaces throughout the house sparkling clean. Great for campers, dorms, hotel rooms and other places, too.

Utility Brush has stiff nylon brush bristles easily scour grime from small spaces, while the silicone cleaning tip removes dirt from corners and other hard-to-reach spots.

Bamboo Multipurpose Cloth

Microfiber and bamboo viscose combine in an all-purpose cloth that easily handles tough jobs, wet or dry.

Lysere™ Moisture-Rich Body Lotion

With a deeply hydrating blend of plant oils and probiotic technology, this nurturing, protecting lotion helps revive skin’s appearance and bring it to its optimal state: hydrated, restored and naturally glowing.

Lysere™ Prebiotic Deodorant

Formulated to neutralize odors from sweat, our skin-loving deodorant provides up to 48 hours of odor protection without harmful ingredients like aluminum, triclosan, parabens or diethanolamine.

Pillowcases, Standard (set of 2)

Rest easy on the incredibly soft, beautifully designed pillowcases that are so luxurious, you’ll forget how functional they actually are!

Towel Set

Beautiful, warm and oh-so-plush microfiber towels are velvety soft and cozy, making them a favorite for everyone. Thanks to BacLock® antibacterial agent, you’ll appreciate how they stay cleaner and fresher, longer.


hand towel
bath towel
body pack

Norwex Warranty

All microfiber products found in the Norwex Catalog carry a two year warranty.

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