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The University of Alberta’s safe online self-service system for student and personnel data is called Bear Tracks. You can safely manage your personal information, financial information, and academic enrolments with the University of Alberta through Bear Tracks.

View our Quick Reference Guide for help with some of Bear Tracks most frequently used functions.

Login to Bear Tracks

To access Bear Tracks, students will require their Campus Computing ID (CCID). If you do not have a CCID, you can login as a guest. Users logging in as guests will have limited access.

User Guides

User GuideDescription
Apply for GraduationUse Bear Tracks to apply for graduation and verify your graduation status.
Class ChangesLearn how to drop, swap and withdraw from classes in Bear Tracks.
Class and Course SearchSearch for University of Alberta courses and class offerings.

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enrolment, Watch List, Shopping Cart, and Course PlannerSet up your class schedule, and enrol in classes, and plan your course load for future years/terms.

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enrolment FAQs

Financial AidUse Bear Tracks to apply for and review financial aid information.
Maintain Personal InformationView and update your personal information in Bear Tracks.
Notification PreferencesLearn how to view and update your notification preferences in Bear Tracks.
Program ChangesLearn how to change your program and verify your program change and class schedule in Bear Tracks.
Student FinancialsView your account details, make payments, set up your direct deposit, and generate tax forms.


Please see the Employee Self Service section on the Human Resource Services website.

enrolment FAQs

The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) provide information to help you build your class schedule and enroll in classes in the new Bear Tracks system.

Where can I find my enrolment dates in Bear Tracks?

  • To find out when you can enroll, go to “Manage Classes” and select “My enrolment Dates.” This will bring up your enrolment dates.

Where can I find the “Schedule Builder” in the new version of Bear Tracks?

  • What was called the “Schedule Builder” in the previous version of Bear Tracks is now called “Shopping Cart” or “Cart”. It functions the same way as it used to, but it is labelled differently. You can find it under the “Manage Classes” tile.

    When you select a class from the search, you’ll notice a button that says “Cart,” for each section of the class. Selecting this button will add the class to your cart. You can add classes to your cart prior to your enrolment dates to get your schedule ready.

I see a button labeled “Enroll” when I use the class search function. What does this do?

  • If your enrolment dates are open for the term, clicking the “Enroll” button will enable you to enroll in the class. Once enrolment is open, you do not have to add a class to your Shopping Cart prior to enrolling in a class.

A class I am registering in has a lecture, lab and seminar component. I used to be able to register in my labs and seminars separately from my lectures to better fit them into my schedule. Am I able to do this in the new version of Bear Tracks?

  • You can still register in a lecture-lab-seminar combination that best fits your schedule, but rather than registering for each component (e.g. lab) separately, you’ll enroll in them as a package. When you search for a class that has a lecture, lab and seminar component, it will bring up all possible combinations. You are able to choose the combination that best fits your schedule. See page 9 of the enrolment, Watch List and Planner Quick Reference Guide for more details.

There used to be information below a class which listed restrictions, prerequisites and additional details. Where can I find this information?

  • This information is still available, but it is located in a different spot than in the previous version of Bear Tracks.

    Example: Clicking on “LEC-C1-22747” will provide you with class information you’re looking for. You can access lab or seminar information by clicking on the related lab or seminar.

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