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About University Of Alberta Law

The graduate law program at the University of Alberta, located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is known as the Faculty of Law. It is the third-oldest law school in Canada and is sometimes regarded as the oldest law school in Western Canada. It was founded as an undergraduate faculty in 1912.

The institution grants the Master of Laws (LL.M.) and Ph.D. graduate degrees in addition to its three-year Juris Doctor (J.D.) program.

An Anglophone common law university, the Faculty is renowned for its Health Law Institute, Centre for Constitutional Studies, demanding curriculum, and supportive environment.

The level and breadth of the legal foundations education offered by the Faculty of Law is well regarded. The Faculty of Law is ranked second nationally for “elite firm hiring,” with 92–95 percent of graduates landing an articling post or going on to graduate school.

Both the Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice of Canada, and the Honourable Madame Catherine Fraser, Chief Justice of Alberta, are alumni of the University of Alberta Faculty of Law.


Admissions Statistics

The LSAT/GPA admission average often hovers around 3.9. The male to female split is roughly 49:51. The admitted students are 25 years of age on average. 17% of candidates were accepted into the University of Alberta Faculty of Law in 2017 (185/1060). The law school focuses on your last two academic years, or the equivalency thereof, when classifying students.

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Joint Programs

JD/MBA: A 4-year joint-JD/MBA program is offered in cooperation with the University of Alberta School of Business.

DUAL JD: A dual degree program is available from the University of Alberta Faculty of Law and the University of Colorado at Boulder Law School (both in Colorado, USA), allowing students to complete both degrees in four years. Students from the University of Alberta complete the first two years of their legal studies there and the final two at Boulder.


Candidate lawyers make up the majority of the faculty’s pupils. This program lasts for three years. Despite having a framework that is similar to that of the American graduate school system, the University of Alberta Faculty of Law has previously awarded graduating students with the title of Bachelor of Laws, in keeping with the British naming tradition. It was over in 2011.


Tuition fees for entering Juris Doctor (JD) are set at C$15,995 for domestic students and C$29,727.80 for international students in 2017-2018.


The Faculty of Law is ranked #2 in Canada for “Elite Firm Hiring” by Maclean’s (2014).



The John A. Weir Memorial Law Library, with approximately 390,000 volumes, is the second largest law library in Canada (after the Osgoode Hall Law School library)

Institutes and Centres of Excellence

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Alberta Law Review

  • Founded in 1955, the Alberta Law Review is the most widely read university-based law review in Canada, with over 2,500 subscribers.


At the Faculty of Law, there are 28 clubs, groups, and other student-run organizations. Some of these include the Alberta Law Review, the student newspaper Canons of Construction, the Environmental Law Association, the Law & Business Association, the Law Students Association, OutLaw, and the Women’s Law Forum.

Student Legal Services

Each year, about 250 students from the Faculty of Law volunteer their time with Student Legal Services, a non-profit organization devoted to assisting low-income people in the Edmonton region with legal problems. One of the biggest legal clinics in Canada was established in 1969 and is called Student Legal Services.

Law Show

Law students have put on a sizable variety event since 1995, with all the revenues going to charity. The program includes a fun student-written drama with a law topic that is intermingled with dancing, singing, and videos. Prior to 2008, the format of the program was that of a variety hour. Since then, however, it has changed to that of a play that parodies a well-known film or television program. The event typically takes place throughout the last weekend of January.

  • Law Show 2008: It’s a Wonderful Law
  • Law Show 2009: The League of Extraordinary Lawyers
  • Law Show 2010: Where in the Law is Carmen Sandiego?
  • Law Show 2011: Draculaw
  • Law Show 2012: The Wizard of Laws
  • Law Show 2013: Charlie and the Law Factory
  • Law Show 2014: Alawddin
  • Law Show 2015: Harry Lawter
  • Law Show 2016: Ferris Buellaw’s Day Off
  • Law Show 2017: Alice in Wonderlaw
  • Law Show 2018: Monsters LLP
  • Law Show 2019: Neverlaw: The Peter Pan Story
  • Law Show 2020: Shrek: Law & Ogre
  • Law Show 2021: Scooby-Doo: Long Paw of the Law
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