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About University Of Alberta

A public research university with its main campus in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the University of Alberta is commonly referred to as U of A or UAlberta. Alexander Cameron Rutherford, the first premier of Alberta, and Henry Marshall Tory, the institution’s first president, founded it in 1908. The Post-secondary Learning Act made it possible.

As a “comprehensive academic and research university” (CARU), the university provides a variety of academic and professional programs that often result in undergraduate and graduate-level degrees.

Four campuses in Edmonton, an Augustana Campus in Camrose, and a staff center in the heart of Calgary make up the institution. The old north campus is located across from downtown Edmonton and comprises of 150 buildings spread across 50 city blocks on the south rim of the North Saskatchewan River basin. The 400 programs offered by the 18 faculties are attended by 39,000 students from Canada and 150 other nations.

In Alberta, the university is a significant economic force. Its yearly economic impact on Alberta’s economy is projected to be $12.3 billion, or 5% of the province’s GDP.

Establishment In Edmonton

The site of the provincial capital and the university was the subject of tense negotiations between [Calgary] and Edmonton. The institution would be located in a city south of the North Saskatchewan River, while the capital would be to the north.

The city of Edmonton was designated as the capital, and the university was given to Strathcona, a former independent city on the south bank of the river and home to Premier Alexander Rutherford. When the two cities merged in 1912, Edmonton became the center of both politics and higher education.

The University of Alberta officially opened its doors in 1908, with Henry Marshall Tory serving as its founding president. While Athabasca Hall, the first campus building, was being built, 45 students attended English, Math, and Modern Languages classes on the top floor of Queen Alexandra Elementary School in Strathcona.

Early in 1906, as he was establishing McGill University College in Vancouver, Tory wrote to Alexander Cameron Rutherford in a letter, “If you take any steps in the direction of a working University and wish to avoid the mistakes of the past, mistakes which have fearfully handicapped other institutions, you should start on a teaching basis.


In order to conduct agricultural research on fertilization, use, crop rotations, and farming techniques on Gray-Luvisolic soils (Gray-Wooded), which are prevalent in many parts of western Canada, the Breton Soil Plots were constructed at the college of agriculture from 1929 to the present.

The University of Alberta, particularly its medical faculty, was a driving force behind the unprecedented rate of volunteers in the Province of Alberta for the First World War. Returning veterans used their experience to quickly mature the new Faculty of Medicine. At 1925, the War Memorial Committee hired Casavant Frères to build a War Memorial Pipe Organ in U of A Convocation Hall in honor of the 80 University of Alberta classmates who lost their lives in the Great War.

Professional education began to grow outside of the traditional professions of theology, law, and medicine in the early 20th century. Graduate education centered on the completion of a research thesis and specialized course work following the American model inspired by Germany was first established. The institution founded a College of Education in 1929. However, the Great Depression and the Second World War limited enrollment and expansion until 1945, making this period of growth short-lived. New public powers were also granted to the university. The Alberta Eugenics Board, tasked with making recommendations on who should be sterilized, was given the authority to be overseen and half of its members appointed by the university senate in 1928.


About 39,300 students attend the University of Alberta, including 7,700 graduate students and 7,800 international students from 151 different nations. The institution employs 15,380 support and trust personnel in addition to 3,620 academic faculty. Since 1986, university teachers have received 41 3M Teaching Fellowships, Canada’s highest honor for outstanding undergraduate instruction. About 388 undergraduate and 500 graduate programs are available at the university for postsecondary education.

A typical undergraduate arts student will pay little more than $5,000 in tuition and fees for the autumn and winter semesters, although costs vary greatly by degree.

In September 2003, the University of Alberta changed its grading system from a 9-point scale to the more typical 4-point system. There have been 72 Rhodes Scholars from the University of Alberta. The University of Alberta has the most Academic All-Canadians (2,599) of any Canadian university.

University Of Alberta Logo

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