What Are The Best Schools In Canada

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According to a methodology that evaluates each university on its academic and employer reputations, research impact, and other factors, the QS World University Rankings® 2022, which were just released, comprises 26 top Canadian universities.

Continue reading to see a list of the top 10 universities in Canada as well as an analysis of how the other 16 colleges fared.

What Are The Best Schools In Canada

Below are the best schools in canada

10. University of Calgary

The University of Calgary, which is currently tied for 10th place in Canada, has dropped 13 positions this year. The institution obtains its highest score in the international faculty indicator, where it ranks 212th in the world, and is ranked joint 246th in the world overall.

The University of Calgary was initially established in 1944 as the University of Alberta’s branch in Calgary. Since then, it has become an independent institution with five campuses and more than 33,000 students.

9. Queen’s University

Queen’s University, which is based in Kingston, Ontario, is ranked joint 246th globally this year and ninth in Canada. The university does remarkably well in the indicator of employer reputation, where it is ranked 99th globally.

Ninety one percent of Queen’s University graduates find work within six months of graduation, with more than 24,000 students enrolled.

8. Western University

Western University moves up eight spots this year to joint 203rd in the world university rankings. Western University, one of Canada’s premier research universities, was established in 1878 and now enrolls more than 38,000 students from 121 different nations. The university does well on the indicators of faculty reputation and employer reputation.

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7. University Of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo moved up seven spots in the world rankings this year while holding onto seventh place in Canada. The University of Waterloo does well in the employer reputation measure, where it puts 85th globally, and is ranked joint 166th in the world in 2021.

The institution was founded in 1956, has three campuses, and is a part of the esteemed U15 research group.

6. McMaster University

McMaster University is ranked 144th in the world among universities, having dropped four spots this year. McMaster University receives its highest position in the global faculty indicator, coming in at 83rd. The university’s excellent medical school is what makes it most well-known. It is based in Hamilton, Ontario.

5. University Of Alberta

The University of Alberta is now in 119th place after falling six spots this year. Four campuses make up the University of Alberta, which is home to 40,000 students. It receives the international faculty indicator’s highest rating.

4. Université de Montréal

This year, Université de Montréal overtakes the University of Alberta to claim fourth place in Canada. A public research university in French with about 67,350 students, 10,000 of whom are from abroad, was established in Montreal in 1878.

2. McGill University

McGill University, which is based in Montreal, is still ranked second in Canada this year after moving up four spots to joint-31st. 145 Rhodes Scholars, 12 Nobel laureates, and Justin Trudeau, the current prime minister of Canada, are among the alumni of McGill University.

1. University Of Toronto

The University of Toronto, which is ranked joint-25th globally, is once again the best university in Canada this year. The university moved up four spots in the rankings this year and receives excellent ratings for the majority of the measures, including academic reputation, where it is ranked 15th globally.

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The Other  Top Universities In Canada:

  • University of Ottawa – ranked joint 279th
  • Dalhousie University – ranked joint 291st
  • Simon Fraser University – ranked joint 323rd
  • University of Victoria – ranked joint 370th
  • Laval University – ranked joint 420th
  • University of Saskatchewan – ranked joint 465th
  • Concordia University – ranked joint 477th
  • York University – ranked 531-540
  • University of Guelph – ranked 571-580
  • Carleton University – ranked 601-650
  • Université du Québec – ranked 601-650
  • University of Manitoba – ranked 601-650
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland– ranked 701-750
  • Université de Sherbrooke– ranked 701-750
  • University of Windsor– ranked 751-800

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