Where is the Smallest Canadian Tire in Canada

Where is the Smallest Canadian Tire in Canada?

You may be wondering about where you can find a Small outlet and you asked, where is the smallest Canadian Tire in Canada? You can find Canadian Tire micro store in Canada with tiny retail. Check the subsequent section for details.

Where is the Smallest Canadian Tire in Canada

There are 506 Canadian Tire stores in Canada as of April 12, 2023. The province with the most Canadian Tire locations in Canada is Ontario, with 203 stores, which is about 40% of all Canadian Tire stores in Canada.

However, Nipigon has the smallest Canadian Tire store. The store, built in the northwestern Ontario community in 1986, is the smallest Canadian Tire in Canada.

According to some customer reports there is top-notch service even at the smallest store.

How Many Canadian Tires are in Each Province?

One of the most well-known retail organizations in Canada is Canadian Tire Corporation, Ltd. J.W. and A.J. Billes, two brothers from Toronto, started the business when they acquired the Hamilton Tire and Garage in 1922. 

They registered the company as the Canadian Tire Corporation in 1927. With the exception of Nunavut, the corporation, which is still based in Toronto, runs a network of 1,711 stores and petrol stations across all Canadian provinces and territories. 

Sport Chek, Atmosphere, and Sports Experts are among the retail businesses that make up FGL Sports. Canadian Tire had $21.8 billion in assets, $1.26 billion in net income, and $16.3 billion in revenue. You can check out the provinces and number of stores below:

  • Ontario – 203 
  • Quebec – 100
  • Alberta – 59 
  • British Columbia – 55
  • Nova Scotia – 22 
  • New Brunswick – 19 
  • Saskatchewan – 16
  • Manitoba – 15
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – 13
  • Prince Edward Island – 2 

What is the Oldest Canadian Tire Store?

What is the Oldest Canadian Tire Store?

Canadian Tire opened the building as the new Main store at 837 Yonge Street in 1937.  Even to date the chain still operates this location as an associate store.

This first price sheet folder from Canadian Tire signalled the launch of the mail order department when it was sent to car owners in Southern Ontario in 1926.

The company now operates over 487 locations since that time. Shares of Canadian Tire, a publicly traded business on the Toronto Stock Exchange, are widely held.

With a total return of 286%, it achieved top-quartile total returns to stockholders in its most recent five-year strategic plan among all publicly traded North American retailers.

The company divides its operations into the Retail and Financial Services areas. The living, playing, fixing, automobile, fashion, and sporting categories are included in the retail category.

Canadian Tire Retail, Canadian Tire Gas, and different fuel sports are used to conduct business in the Retail category.

Canadian Tire had 110 locations in 1945. In order to promote employee loyalty while preventing alliance. an employee stock purchasing program was put into place in 1946.

The first gas bar opened its doors in 1958. Beginning in 1958, Canadian Tire offered discounts inside the store to patrons at gas stations. 

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