Who pays for shipping on Tiktok shop?

Ever found the perfect product on TikTok Shop, only to be surprised by unexpected shipping costs at checkout? You’re not alone. Understanding who pays for shipping on TikTok Shop can be confusing, especially with different options available.

This guide aims to clear up any confusion and help you navigate your shopping experience smoothly.

Paying for shipping on Tiktok shop: Seller vs. Buyer responsibility

In most cases, the seller on TikTok Shop is responsible for covering the shipping costs.

This means that the price you see listed for an item typically doesn’t include shipping fees.

Sellers on Tiktok have two main options for handling shipping:

1. Ship by Seller: Here, the seller chooses a preferred carrier and sets the shipping price based on their own calculations. These may include factors like product weight, size, destination, and chosen shipping method (e.g., standard, expedited).

2. Ship by TikTok: This option involves TikTok Shop partnering with specific logistics providers to offer standardized shipping rates for certain products or regions. When available, this option usually displays a clear “Ship by TikTok” label on the product listing.

However, there’s a crucial twist: starting September 17th, 2023, the buyer’s shipping fee is generally based on what the seller pays.

This means that while the seller shoulders the initial cost, they can factor it into the product price you see.

In simpler terms, the shipping cost is often indirectly incorporated into the product price.

Ship by Tiktok in the US

When making a purchase on TikTok, customers in the United States can rely on TikTok Shipping to calculate the shipping fee. This fee is determined by the lowest possible rate offered to sellers.

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The actual shipping fee is accurately calculated once the package is collected.

If the buyer has a shipping coupon, TikTok covers the difference between the carrier’s shipping fee and the buyer’s shipping fee, which is referred to as the Seller Shipping Fee.

To access the base rates for UPS, USPS, USPS Priority Mail, and FedEx, sellers can refer to the table provided in theĀ Seller Center.

Ship by Tiktok in the UK

in the United Kingdom, shipping fees are calculated during checkout based on product weight and delivery location.

Various shipping options are available without restrictions, and the final price is confirmed after the package is collected.

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