Can I Use Canadian Tire Mastercard to Pay Bills?

Can I Use Canadian Tire Mastercard to Pay Bills? A special feature that ONLY Canadian Tire Credit Card offers for some services that typically do not accept credit card payments directly includes paying items like real estate taxes, utilities, insurance, etc.

Can I Use Canadian Tire Mastercard to Pay Bills

By setting up a special bank account in the background from which they generate the payment options, Canadian Tire accomplishes this.

Simply generate the charge on your Canadian Tire card for that service, and they will handle the rest immediately and behind the scenes.

Therefore, it appears to the receiving service as though they are receiving a payment method eligibility from a bank account. But Canadian Tire makes the necessary arrangements with each of the services for these to function.

It has not been set up if they do not include it on their list of Payees, for whatever reason.

You can either set periodic payments or make a one-time payment processing capabilities for Toronto property taxes by looking up the City of Toronto Property Taxes Payee.

You must also be OFF of each service’s pre-authorized or equal billing payment system before scheduling it via Canadian Tire’s online system.

Enbridge, Hydro, The Personal, and Manulife are all my insurance providers, besides all my utility payments.

The scheduling system used by Canadian Tire has some restrictions. It only allows for once-weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly schedules; no options are available for every 2, 3, or 4 months, nor is there a choice for every year. I hope that will alter.

How Do I Pay My Utility Bill With Canadian Tire Mastercard?

You can use Canadian Tire Financial Services, which allows you to pay for numerous governments and utilities using your credit card billing if you have a Canadian Tire credit card. 

You will consequently receive the points linked to that credit card transactions. For transactions made outside of the Canadian Tire family of stores, my Triangle credit card offers me 1% of Canadian Tire money.

The following steps:

  • They have an option for “online bills payments” on their website, which is accessible here.
  • You then type in your credit card number and birthdate.
  • The “Bill Amount:” field is next, followed by the “Bill Payee” option.
  • You can now click “Submit” to finish.

This method’s drawback is that it is not automatic. Every time you wish to make a payment, including four recurring bills like utilities, you must enter your credit card and bill payment options.

As an aside, if you frequently shop at Canadian Tire, Sportchek, or Marks Work Warehouse, the free Triangle MasterCard bills is a really good deal. 

When you shop in those places, you get 4% back in Canadian Tire money; anywhere else, you get 1% back. The World Elite edition also includes free roadside assistance. Otherwise, look into my current top free cash-back credit cards.

What Can I Use My Canadian Tire Mastercard for?

What Can I Use My Canadian Tire Mastercard for?

For consumers who don’t require all the standard bells and whistles featured on premium credit cards, the Triangle Mastercard is the ideal basic, no-annual-fee credit payments.

On regular purchases at Canadian Tire and a few other taking part businesses operated by Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited, cardholders will receive 4% cash back as CT Money.

The card earns 1.5% on groceries, $0.5 on gas, and 0.5% back on all other purchases.

Like paper Canadian Tire Money, they can combine CT Money with bonus offers to increase the amount of CT Money you receive for your purchases.

Cardholders get access to bonus events where they can earn 30 times more money for every dollar spent and weekly promotions.

If you still have a few old physical Canadian Tire Money bills sitting around, you may exchange them for virtual money at any Canadian Tire location. Anywhere CT Money is accepted, Triangle Mastercard points are also accepted.

Canadian Tire, SportChek, Mark’s, Pro Hockey Life, Atmosphere, Sports Rousseau, Hockey Experts, L’Entrepôt du Hockey, and taking part Sports Experts stores are just a few examples of the places where you can shop.

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