Is Tiktok shop available in Canada?

The introduction of TikTok Shop as the latest e-commerce addition on the TikTok platform has opened up new opportunities for sellers, influencers, and content creators to enhance their content delivery and boost sales.

Many vendors have experienced a surge in sales and brand visibility, with statistics showing that 33.3% of users engage in platform-based purchases.

This percentage is projected to rise to 39.9% by 2026.

While some countries have embraced this platform, Canadian users, particularly online sellers, drop shippers, and affiliate marketers, have been posing a commonly asked question: Is TikTok Shop available in Canada?

This article aims to answer your questions about TikTok Shop in Canada, providing essential information on country availability, requirement, the use of VPN and more.

What is TikTok Shop?

According to, TikTok Shop is a complete in-app shopping experience, offering live shopping, shoppable videos, convenient product showcases and support for sellers, creators, partners and affiliates. 

Creators and sellers using the TikTok Shop appreciate the comprehensive nature of the tool, as it is the first of its kind in the social media space.

While alternatives (such as Instagram Shop) offer linking and purchase abilities, TikTok brings a new dimension with native campaign tools, direct collaboration opportunities, purchase support and analytics. 

Is TikTok Shop available in Canada?

Currently, TikTok Shop is not officially available in Canada. This means you cannot sell, dropship or purchase products within the TikTok app using the built-in shopping functionality.

While there’s speculation about a future launch, there’s no official confirmation from TikTok about when or if it will be available in Canada.

Why is TikTok shop not available in Canada yet?

While TikTok itself is hugely popular in Canada, the integrated e-commerce feature, TikTok Shop, is currently available to specific regions, including the United States, United Kingdom, Indonesia, and several Southeast Asian countries.

The exact reasons for this limited rollout haven’t been officially disclosed by TikTok. However, several factors could be at play:

  • Market Analysis and Prioritization: TikTok might be focusing on establishing and optimizing the feature in other regions before expanding to Canada. This could involve analyzing market trends, user preferences, and logistics in various countries.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Navigating different countries’ regulations and e-commerce laws can be complex. TikTok might be ensuring they comply with all Canadian regulations before launching the service.
  • Building Partnerships: Establishing partnerships with local businesses, logistics providers, and payment gateways could be another crucial step before launching TikTok Shop in Canada.

Can I Use a VPN to Sign up and sell on TikTok Shop in Canada?

While using a VPN to access TikTok Shop in Canada might seem like a solution, it’s important to be aware of the limitations and potential consequences.

Using a VPN to bypass regional restrictions may violate TikTok’s terms of service. The platform has the ability to detect and suspend accounts associated with VPN usage.

Therefore, it’s recommended to wait for the official launch of TikTok Shop in Canada. This will ensure a secure and authorized way to access the e-commerce features once they become available.

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Can I Sign Up for TikTok Shop in Canada with a US SSN or LLC?

While technically possible to register for TikTok Shop in Canada using a US SSN or LLC, it’s important to note that the feature is currently unavailable in Canada.

Therefore, attempting to register with a US SSN or LLC will not be successful and your account may be closed.

TikTok Shop: Where is it Available?

TikTok Shop is available in the following countries:

  • Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines
  • Europe: United Kingdom
  • North America: United States

If you’re located in a country outside of this list, you won’t be able to directly purchase products through TikTok videos within the app. However, you can still enjoy the platform’s content and discover new products through creators.

Here are some alternative ways to explore products you see on TikTok:

  • Visit creator websites: Many creators have links to their own online stores or websites in their bios or video descriptions.
  • Check social media links: Creators often share links to external platforms like Amazon, Etsy, or Shopify where you can purchase the featured products.
  • Search for brands: Pay attention to the brands and products mentioned in TikTok videos. You can then search for them online through established retailers or brand websites.
  • Explore alternatives: Consider other social commerce platforms like Instagram Shopping or Facebook Marketplace, which offer similar features for purchasing directly within the app.

Becoming a TikTok shop seller: requirements explained

To start selling on TikTok Shop, sellers must meet specific requirements.

Here’s a breakdown based on information from TikTok’s official resources:


  • Businesses: As per TikTok’s platform requirements, businesses located in the United States must provide a valid U.S. company registration document alongside the owner’s passport or driver’s license for verification. 
  • Individuals: Individual sellers only need to verify their identity with a passport or driver’s license.

Follower Count:

Unlike some platforms, TikTok Shop currently doesn’t have a minimum follower requirement to join the program. Even completely new TikTok accounts can apply and be accepted into the Shop program, offering an accessible entry point for aspiring sellers.

Remember, these are just the general requirements. It’s always recommended to consult TikTok’s official resources for the latest information and any additional guidelines that may apply.

Requirements to become a TikTok Shop creator

Aspiring creators can leverage the TikTok Shop affiliate program to monetize their content. Here’s a summary of the key requirements based on information from TikTok’s official resources:

Essential Criteria:

  • Good Standing: Maintain a positive reputation on the TikTok platform by adhering to their community guidelines and avoiding any violations.
  • Minimum Age: Be at least 18 years old at the time of applying for the affiliate program.
  • Follower Count: Possess a minimum of 5,000 followers on your TikTok account.

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