Who Does Canadian Tire Target?

Who does Canadian Tire target? The 1922-founded Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC) now employs tens of thousands of people across Canada and operates more than 1,700 retail and petroleum locations. Keep reading to know Canadian Tire’s target audience analysis.

Who Does Canadian Tire Target

CTC wants to expand its enterprise in order to give Canadians what they require for survival. The Helly Hansen athletic brand and Party City, the nation’s top retailer of party supplies and celebration goods, were recently acquired.

The future of Canadian Tire is focused on appealing to young families and millennials, and using the developing field of data analytics to encourage each group to shop more in-person or online at the “Tire” and its subsidiary businesses, like Mark’s Work Wearhouse and Sport Chek.

Foremost, Medline must meet its “aggressive commitment to digital,” which some experts believe Canadian Tire overlooked at its cost.

Investment analysts at Desjardins Securities claimed that Canadian Tire “lags in omnichannel retailing.” Many of its main rivals and peers are far more advanced in internet retailing, according to the study.

Medline disagreed, claiming that to date, no consumer demographic profile has shown outstanding performance in e-commerce. Canadian Tire’s own efforts, according to Medline, have been “disappointing.”

But a new three-year plan’s primary aims are new “enterprise-wide” digital efforts, he continued. They are “making strides” right now and will “take us from the old world to the new,” he claimed.

Who is Canadian Tire’s Target Market?

Who is Canadian Tire's Target Market?

With 1200 locations nationwide, Canadian Tire has a good target market definition. Every year, 90% of Canadians travel to CT.

Strong in-house brands that command market segmentation approach in many important business lines account for one-third of sales.

One of the most popular general merchandise businesses is Canadian Tire. 90% of Canadians are within 15 minutes of a CT shop, which has 1200 locations across the country.

Canada’s climate varies from region to region, as do its weather patterns. In many Canadian regions, winter clothing and snow tires are essential items.

The typical Canadian Tire customer demographic is middle-aged, showing that the company mostly targets the 18–35 age group. Canadian Tire appeals to both men and women; it is not gender specific.

Gen X primarily favors Canadian tries. They are the generation that makes money, and they are more inclined to purchase at Canadian Tire because of the store’s strong brand, high-quality merchandise, excellent offers, and customer focus strategy.

Ninety percent of ‘Canadians’ have been seen visiting Canadian Tire most frequently, according to Consumer Profile Research. Visitors to Canadian Tire range in age, body type, color, and race.

Customers visit Canadian Tire intending to find the greatest product at the lowest cost. People prefer Canadian Tire as a brand because of its dependability, product durability, and reasonable pricing.

The way people live has a big impact on their shopping habits. We can characterize customer persona of Canadian Tire as “middle-class” individuals who have secure lives and make a solid living.

What Companies Does Canadian Tire Own?

An automotive, hardware, sports, leisure, and housewares retailer, Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited, is based in Canada.

Among its Canadian Market Niche include those of Canadian Tire (which comprises Canadian Tire Petroleum gas stations and financial services subsidiary Canadian Tire Bank), Mark’s, FGL Sports, PartSource, and Party City Canadian operations.

2018 saw Canadian Tire purchase the clothing and textile business of Helly Hansen from the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan.

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